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We are happy to advise you how to solve odour and emission problems. We strive to find the best sustainable solution. As every question is different, we would like to have personal contact with you, so we can go through all the details carefully.

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    your partner for solutions to odour and emission problems

    AEC Systems consults, designs, produces, installs and maintains air scrubbers and other air cleaning installations.

    We focus on the clients request. Together with you, we investigate all possible solutions for the air emission problem, possibly by installing a test scrubber of a Cold Plasma Injector test unit and measurements on site. We then design the most optimal installation: a scrubber, biofilter of other type of air cleaning unit. In addition to efficient reduction, we als focus on low energy consumption and the prevention of unnecessary environmental impact.

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    our team
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    our history

    Our company has extensive experience (since 1994) in the design, production, supply and maintenance of air emission reducing techniques. We strive to design and deliver the most optimal solution for the customer. The focus is mainly on the following topics:

    • significant reduction in air emissions from environmentally polluting compounds
    • use of sustainable materials
    • high system reliability
    • low energy consumption of the installation
    • simple and quick maintenance

    We want to be a reliable partner for our clients, in every step of the process. Through a thorough analysis of the problem, together with the customer, we advise the customer on the optimal solution for the air emission issue.


    our solutions

    Emission of environmentally polluting components via ventilation and/or process air is being increasingly restricted by the government. Odour nuisance is becoming increasingly common, partly as a result of an increasing lack of space in inhabited areas. Houses are getting closer to industry, which increases the risk of nuisance caused by odours. AEC Systems offers solutions for emissions from:

    • odour
    • ammonia
    • hydrogen sulphide
    • VOC
    • dust
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