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We are happy to advise you how to solve odour and emission problems. We strive to find the best sustainable solution. As every question is different, we would like to have personal contact with you, so we can go through all the details carefully.

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    counterflow scrubber
    AEC scrubbers are the best solution
    biofilter for petfood producer
    with production facilities worldwide
    Biomethanization project in France
    provided with durable scrubber and air ducts
    Pilot study with Cold Plasma Injector
    The solution for extreme odour nuisance
    Poultry slaughterhouse and meat processor
    choses combination of AEC Systems
    Efficient odour and emission reduction
    for producer of organic soil improvers
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    Multi stage scrubber for large composting plant
    AEC scrubbers are the best solution
    Sludge treatment plant choses AEC technology
    The lowest possible energy consumption
    Pilot study in Canada with mobile scrubber
    Good results with AEC scrubber
    European manufacturer of breakfast cereal
    choses AEC odour reduction technology
    AEC solves odour problem with two stage scrubber
    at large tannery
    AEC scrubber for German biogas plant
    Drying digestate
    AEC scrubber for indoor composting expansion
    Multi stage scrubber for mushroom composter