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Effective odour removal

Cold Plasma injector

The Cold Plasma Injector injects plasma containing ozone into the process air. This immediately causes oxidation reactions. Any present odour molecules in the air fall apart into smaller molecules (oxidation products) that human olfaction cannot detect.
These oxidation products can then be released into the ambient air without any problems. In this way, smell is optimally removed from the process air and ventilation ducts.

Cold Plasma Injector
Cold Plasma Injector

how it works

The Cold Plasma Injector consists of a synthetic casing, housing an ozone injection and mixing chamber with a connecting reaction chamber. The ozone generators are mounted onto the casing of the injection and mixing chamber. The generators use ambient air for the ozone production. The Cold Plasma Injector is installed in the exhaust gas ducting of the plant. The polluted gasses are passed through the Cold Plasma Injector while the ozone containing plasma is added to the exhaust gas flow. The reactive ozone oxidizes the odour molecules, causing them to exit the system as smaller molecules (e.g. water and other oxides). The environment will no longer experience any nuisance.

Benefits of the Cold Plasma Injector :

  • Compact system
  • For indoor and outdoor purposes
  • No fuel
  • No chemicals
  • No water
  • No waste
  • Requires only litte electricity
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance costs
Cold Plasma Injector

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