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We are happy to advise you how to solve odour and emission problems. We strive to find the best sustainable solution. As every question is different, we would like to have personal contact with you, so we can go through all the details carefully.

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    cross-flow scrubber

    In a cross-flow scrubber, process air is blown through one or more scrubbing stages (compartments) and washed with water

    counterflow scrubber

    In a counter-flow scrubber, the process air is blown through the filter package from bottom to top, the wash water flows from top to bottom under the influence of gravity

    venturi scrubber

    A venturi scrubber uses the kinetic energy of an air stream to achieve odour and dust removal through collisions

    choose certainty

    Have a test unit installed

    Before purchasing an air treatment installation, you want to be sure that the system does what it promises. For complex odour and emission problems, we advise to make a test with one of our mobile test units at your location. Because every situation is unique!

    We have a mobile air scrubber and a Cold Plasma Test unit. With these mobile test units and a specialized team, we can conduct odour tests at any location worldwide.

    test met mobiele luchtwasser
    Cold Plasma Injector on site