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We are happy to advise you how to solve odour and emission problems. We strive to find the best sustainable solution. As every question is different, we would like to have personal contact with you, so we can go through all the details carefully.

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    For a proper functioning installation

    test scrubber

    testing = knowing

    standard or tailormade solutions

    sustainability and quality

    AEC Systems provides a selection of high quality standard scrubber systems. These standard solutions are extremely suitable for biogas plants. For a standard scrubber on site testing with our mobile test scrubber and measurements are not necessary. Also the production process is much shorter so we can respond quickly in case of urgency. Flexibility and high availability of our products are significant factors of our corporate philosophy. Depending on the customer needs we look for the right standard model.

    Sometimes, there is no standard solution to a specific emission problem. We develop tailor made systems in close cooperation with our clients and after various tests and measurements. This is a process that includes a thorough analysis of the emission, a conceptual design and the actual implementation into a maintenance friendly air cleaning device.

    Therefore, in cases where standardized systems are insufficient, we expand our systems to include factors that influence odour and emissions in a specific area or with a particular emphasis. Examples include petfood factories, composting sites, water treatment plants, waste management sites and sludge drying facilities.