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Biofilters for odour removal

AEC Biofilters

A biofilter makes use of biologically active material, the biomass. In most cases, the biomass is made up of a mixture of, for example, compost, heather, coconut fibre and root wood. The pores of the biomass within which the micro-organisms are found are filled with water, partially free and partially fixed on the surface of the fixed material.

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Biofilter self contained petfood

how does a biofilter work

During the passage of the contaminated air through the filter, the polluting substances move from the gas phase to the liquid phase. The micro-organisms then break these compounds down.

To achieve this conversion, the micro-organisms need phosphate, sodium and calcium. These nutrients exist in a continuous cycle. However, some of these nutrients are drawn out of the biomass over time. It is therefore necessary to occasionally replace the biomass.

When starting up a biofilter, there are already micro-organisms present in the biomass. The quantity of organisms is not sufficient to break down the polluting substances, so these organisms first need to multiply. It therefore takes a certain amount of time before a biofilter achieves optimum performance.

Compared to other air emission control solutions,  a biofilter is lower in price but it does take up more space. The biomass lasts 1 to 8 years before it must be replaced. A new biofilter needs a few weeks to work properly: the micro-organisms must find a balance with their environment. The housing can be open, with the biomass exposed to rain, sun and wind, or closed. An open housing is less complicated and cheaper, but can work poorly if the outside climate is too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold.

Advantages of AEC biofilters:

  • Applicable in many industries
  • Easy to install
  • Low operating costs and Low maintenance
  • Biological degration of the contaminant
  • Not much waste water or waste material
  • Can be placed inside or outside
  • Easy to operate
Biofilter self contained afvalverwerking

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