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    activated carbon

    Activated carbon is a specially treated carbon that can bind to all kinds of substances through adsorption. Active carbon filters are therefore a very suitable medium for gases that cannot be oxidized, such as hydrocarbons, solvents and organic gases. The activated carbon particles (carbon atoms) exert an attraction to gaseous or liquid particles (molecules) that surround or flow through the activated carbon. The strength of this attraction is determined by a number of factors, for example by the shape and mass of the molecules that come into contact with activated carbon. It is precisely because not all molecules are equally attracted and retained (adsorbed) by activated carbon that it is possible to remove one or more undesirable substances from air, gas or water.

    how it works

    The activated carbon is placed in a durable casing, the air flow is pressed vertically through the bed. Contaminated process air enters the filter housing via the left-hand side and distributes itself under the active carbon filter bed. The air then flows vertically through the filter. The odour components are bound to the activated carbon. The air flows to the right after the filter and leaves the filter cleaned.

    There are different types of raw materials from which activated carbon can be produced. Examples are coal, coconut fiber and wood chips. The different raw materials and method of production ensure different types of activated carbon that are used for different applications.

    Advantages of activated carbon

    • Applicable in many industries
    • Corrosion resistant, so durable
    • Isolated, little risk of condensation
    • Reliable technique
    • High efficiency
    • Light weight, no heavy construction required
    • Easy to install
    • Low operating costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to operate
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