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    Scrubber installed at German biogas plant

    Product: Wet scrubber                Branche: Biogas

    drying of digestate

    Client request

    At a biogas plant in the east of Germany digestate is dried with residual heat at high temperatures (>120ºC).  During this process ammonia and odor are released in the air. Both substances must be reduced before they can be released into the air.

    Ammonia < 30mg/m3  Geur < 500 OUE/m3

    Luchtwasser met koker Senftenberg
    pomp 2 Senftenberg a


    For the above client request we developed a multi stage gas scrubber. The installation contains:

    • a tank farm for chemicals
    • a cooling tower with heat exchanger to cool down the process air
    • a multi stage gas scrubber
    • a fan
    • a chimney
    • complete automation (Siemens) of all components



    The water packages of the multistage gas scrubber have a large surface area and offer a low air resistance at the filter, which decreases the power consumption of the fans.

    A unique pump technology enables a continuous irrigation of the unit so that it keeps the complete system clean. The pump unit also lowers energy costs. The system, like all products of AEC Systems, is easily accessible and therefore maintenance friendly. These are all advantages why the client chose AEC Systems.

    Additional asset is that the client can use the ammonia which is converted into fertilizer on his own property.

    Air flow: 50.000 m3/h

    Temperature before cooling:  100˚C

    Temperature after cooling:  55˚C

    WHY CHOOSE AEC Systems?

    For biogas plants we have high-quality standard wet scrubbers in our package. Tests and measurements are not necessary and the production time is also short. Flexibility and good availability of our products are important elements in our business philosophy.

    Our extensive experience in odour and emission solutions reaches across many different branches. We understand the specific demands that industries face and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

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