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    sludge treatment plant choses AEC technology

    Product: Wet scrubber                Branche: Sludge treatment

    odour nuisance also depends on climatic conditions

    Client request

    During the drying process at a sludge treatment plant in Bavaria (Germany) ammonia is released in addition to odor. The composition of the odor and concentration of ammonia strongly depend on the climatic conditions, quality and quantity of the available sewage sludge.

    What is the most appropriate air cleaning system for the type of emissions, odor and temperature present at the plant?

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    Sludge treatment plant

    Solution AEC Systems

    To provide adequate respond to the fluctuations in odour and concentration we advised a multi-stage wet scrubber. In addition to the odour also ammonia can be washed effectively out of the air. The scrubber is developed and produced addording to the German TA-Luft requirements. The overall supply of the process air to be neutralised is 300.000 m3/h.

    AEC has developed, manufactured and assembled the complete air control project, which has a very low power consumption. The process air is led to five scrubbers. The cleaned air is blown out with 10 fans which take up a total of only 22.4 kW. This way we met the clients demand to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption.


    Extra challenging

    Another major challenge in this project was the air outlet. The air discharge height is set at 10m. The drying room is located in a glas building, like a giant greenhouse. Therefor is was impossible to attach the chimneys there. AEC has chosen PE chimneys that stand independently on the scrubbers without connecting to the dry building.


    The project supplied by AEC Systems consists of:

    • five multi-stage scrubbers
    • ten PE chimneys of 10m height
    • double walled piping and pumps for chemicals
    • the complete controll automation (Siemens) is in a stand-alone control space between the scrubbers which is provided with overpressure by fresh air.


    Advantages of the AEC Multi Stage Scrubber

    The scrubber is tailor-made for installation in the process area. At several places there is only a tiny space between the scrubber and the glass dry building.

    The water packages of the multi stage scrubber have an extra large surface and offer a low air resistance at the filter during the cleaning of the air flow.

    A unique pump technology enables a continuous irrigation of the unit so that it keeps the complete system clean.

    The system, like all products of AEC Systems, is easily accessible and therefore maintenance friendly. These are all advantages why the owner of the sludge treatment plant chose AEC Systems.


    Technical data

    Airflow in drying building: 300.000 m3/h

    Amount of sludge to dry: 50.000 ton/y

    Temperature: 2-60 °C

    Why choose AEC Systems?

    As there are no moving parts used, AEC scrubbers are maintenance-friendly and easy accessible. With the right choice of materials, the system is also corrosion-free and can be used at various temperatures.

    Our extensive experience in odour and emission solutions reaches across many different branches. We understand the specific demands that industries face and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

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