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    AEC counterflow scrubbers

    consistent and reliable technique

    counterflow scrubber

    In a counter-flow scrubber, the process air to be cleaned is blown through the filter package from bottom to top, while the wash water flows through the packing from top to bottom under the influence of gravity.

    Tegenstroomwasser voor slibverwerking

    the technology

    The contaminated air is fed into the counterflow scrubber at the bottom section of the air scrubber. The air scrubber is a scrubber pack with randomly packed packing or a "honeycomb" structure with a very large specific surface area. This large surface area is needed to give the ammonia present in the air sufficient time to dissolve in water.

    The scrubber pack is sprayed by process water spray system using one or more water pumps. If the ammonia present in the air comes into contact with the process water - a sulphuric acid solution - this results in a chemical reaction.

    Behind the scrubber pack in the gas flow direction there is a droplet separator that ensures that droplets that are drawn in with the air are removed from the air. The purified air leaves the scrubber at the top or rear without ammonia, and without the majority of odours and dust particles.

    Continuous pH-monitoring of acid content (pH-value)

    The process water is collected in a water reservoir. The pH value of the process water is determined by continuously monitoring the acid content (pH value). If the pH value is too high, an acid pump automatically adds acid from the acid storage tank to the process water. In addition, the concentration of acid in the process water is also continuously measured. If the acid concentration of the process water has reached a pre-set level, the process water is automatically discharged to the drainage basin.

    Dosing pump in cabinet

    Advantages of the AEC counterflow scrubber :

    • Tailormade and suitable for small spaces
    • Applicable in many industries
    • High efficiency in reduction
    • Can be placed inside or outside
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Extraction remains constant
    • Few wastewater
    • Fully automated
    • Easily accesible for maintenance and inspection
    tegenstroomwasser counterflow dwg

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