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    cross-flow scrubber

    consistent and reliable technique

    cross-flow scrubber

    In a cross-flow scrubber, water is used as the transfer medium. Odour consists of a large number of different compounds, most of which are well soluble in water. The odour-causing compounds dissolve in water in the scrubber and are filtered out of the process air. The air is washed with water. In order to limit the use of water, substances can be added to the water to increase the water's absorption capacity. In case that the air flow contains fine dust particles, it is recommended to use one of the scrubbing compartments as a dust scrubbing stage.

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    luchtwasser rioolslib scrubber sewer sludge waescher

    scrubbing system

    A cross-flow scrubber usually has several stages. In the first stage, for example, sulfuric acid can be added to the water to bind ammonia. Another additive can be added to the second stage or the water is used to bind residual odour components. In the third scrubbing stage, which is continuously sprayed with water, odour and particulate matter are washed out of the air. These steps can be used separately but also in combination with each other.

    To achieve intensive contact between air and water, contact packages are used in the cross-flow scrubber. With their large specific surface area of up to 250 m2 / m3, these packages ensure a highly efficient transfer of connections in the gas phase to the water phase. Because the compounds have a different chemical character, one or more washing stages are used one after the other to achieve a high odour reduction. Various chemicals can be added to the stairs.

    Advantages of the AEC cross-flow scrubber :

    • Applicable in many industries
    • Compact system
    • Uncomplicated technology
    • Can be placed inside or outside
    • Reliable technique
    • High efficiency in reduction
    • Easy to install
    • Low operating costs
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to operate

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