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    Closed biofilters for petfood factories

    Product: Biofilter           Sector: Petfood

    The most suitable technique to remove odour from production process

    Client request

    At a petfood producer with production facilities worldwide, odour is released during various production processes. These odours are in the process air leaving the buildings. A number of factories are located in densely populated areas (near large cities). The available space for thes branches is limited. The odour emission is a nuisance to the environment and has led to a considerable flow of complaints. What is the best technique to reduce odour nuisance? And can this technique be applied in all locations, both in the process halls and outside?

    Biofilter bouwkundig Schotland petfood 1
    Biofilter bouwkundig Schotland petfood 2


    A biofilter is the most suitable technique for removing the odour components from the production processes of petfood. Given the space available at the factories, a modular construction of closed biofilters was chosen.

    The biofilters are closed so precipitation or solar radiation cannot affect the biofilter material. In addition, this creates a conditioned environment in the units, the moisture content of which can be properly regulated.

    Several layers of biofilter material are used in the biofilters, including coconut fiber which has an extra long shelf life.

    At start-up, the biofilters are inoculated with a very large diversity of microorganisms. The biofilters are available in both stainless steel and plywood with glass fiber reinforce polyester covering for indoor and outdoor installation.


    The advantages of AEC biofilters

    As the biofilters are supplied with a rooftop, the biofilter material is not affected by sunlight or precipitation. Compared to an open-top biofilter the pressure difference and energy consumption are lower. The biofilters are modular and placed on top of each other to save space. Moreover, the installation is easily accessible for service and inspection. The system has an automatic moisture control and an pH control drain with an inlet pressure control.


    Technical data

    Airflow: 3.000 - 15.000 m3/h per module

    Temperature: 25-35 °C

    client talk

    'Maintenance and service were decisive when choosing an air treatment system for our expansion. Four times a year the AEC service engineer checks and maintains the installation, so we have an optimally functioning system all year round.'

    'All software was pre-tested in-house which ensured a smooth and quick installation and commissioning. We were not faced with unforeseen problems afterwards.'

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