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    Pilot study with mobile scrubber in Canada

    Product: Mobile scrubber           Branche: Waste management

    good result for field tests

    By invitation of a Canadian prospect in collaboration with the Canadian government, we travelled to Ontario to do some field tests. The test scrubber was shipped in a container to Canada. At a waste management plant in Ontario the installation was used for the first time.

    The scrubber is connected to the contaminated airflow at the waste management facility. The airflow is led through the test scrubber and washed.

    Test scrubber has three stages

    The mobile test scrubber corresponds to the state of the art technique of wet scrubbers. The test scrubber consists of three different stages. In the first stage, sulphuric acid is added to the water to bind the ammonia. In the second washing stage, water is used to bind the remaining smell components. In the third washing stage, odour and dust are washed out of the air.

    The client hired a measuring laboratory for test samples.

    test met mobiele luchtwasser
    AEC testwasser 1

    what happened next

    With the test results, we have been able to verify the dimensions. We showed the client that an air scrubber of AEC Systems is the solution to the odour problem at the waste treatment plant!

    The client was so pleased with our approach that we have been able to make two great projects in Ontario and Toronto.

    The test scrubber has already made various world trips, including to the United States and Australia. With the results of those pilot test, we have also been assigned great air treatment projects.

    Why choose AEC Systems?

    Our extensive experience in odour and emission solutions reaches across many different branches. We understand the specific demands that industries face and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

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