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    AEC solves odour problem with two stage scrubber

    Product: Wet scrubbers                Branche: Water treatment

    Odour nuisance at tannery due to                                      H2S and ammonia

    Client request

    At a large tannery in the Netherlands, the silos for waste water are filled during the week. On weekends, the waste water is pumped to the companies own water treatment facility. When the silos are being filled, the unpleasant smell of H2S (hydrogen sulphide) comes free. The tannery is located in the town center, so a small amount of H2S causes local nuisance as it can be smelled at very low ppb levels.

    What is the most reliable technique to clean the air?

    luchtwasser leerlooierij scrubber
    scrubber tannery


    In addition to H2S also NH3 (ammonia) comes free from the silos. A two-stage AEC scrubber is a perfect system to neutralize both substances. In the first step, water with H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) is added to the wash water, in order to neutralize the ammonia, and to convert it into the almost odorless ammonium sulfate. This first step is necessary because ammonia obstructs access to other substances in the process air.

    In the second stage caustic soda (NaOH) is added to the scrubber. At a pH above 7 the wash water can absorb H2S. With sufficient surface area (= residence time) in the scrubber, it is possible to scrub out the strong-smelling substance effectively. The scrubber now prevents the release of offensive odour from the silos.


    The project supplied by AEC Systems consists of:

    • A TWO-stage scrubber
    • double walled piping and pumps for chemicals
    • the complete controll automation (Siemens)



    The water packages of the multi stage scrubber have an extra large surface and offer a low air resistance at the filter, which decreases the power consumption of the fans.

    A unique pump technology enables a continuous irrigation of the unit so that it keeps the complete system clean. The pump unit also lowers enery costs.

    Additional asset is the size of the scrubber. It was designed to be placed into the building via a small skylight.

    The system, like all products of AEC Systems, is easily accessible and therefore maintenance friendly. These are all advantages why the owner of the sludge treatment plant chose AEC Systems.


    Technical data

    Air flow in silos and building: 8.500 m3/h

    Concentration of NH3: 50 ppm

    Air temperature: 2-40 C

    Why choose AEC Systems?

    As there are no moving parts used, AEC scrubbers are maintenance-friendly and easy accessible. With the right choice of materials, the system is also corrosion-free and can be used at various temperatures.

    Our extensive experience in odour and emission solutions reaches across many different branches. We understand the specific demands that industries face and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

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