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We are happy to advise you how to solve odour and emission problems. We strive to find the best sustainable solution. As every question is different, we would like to have personal contact with you, so we can go through all the details carefully.

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    Product: Natwasser, Biofilters, Cold Plasma Injector

    specialists in odour and emission reduction

    The exhaust proces air coming out of slaughterhouses is extremely smelly and leads to a lot of odour complaints. Addressing this problem requires specialized expertise which AEC Systems has to offer.

    For more than 25 years we have been helping companies to reduce odour nuisance. Over the years we have developed various air treatment techniques that we can use depending on the customer situation.

    Together with you, we analyse your specific situation and needs. By running tests on location we then determine the design of the installation best suited to the slaughterhouse. You can leave the entire process from design, production and assembly right up to starting up the finished unit in our capable hands. As AEC Systems is a full service partner, we can also carry out maintenance activities for the installations.

    Cold Plasma Injector


    • Cost effective solutions
    • Tailormade systems for indoor or outdoor installation
    • Water packages with extra large surface and low air resistance
    • Clean system enabled by continuous irrigation
    • Easy accessible and maintenance friendly system
    • The system is made out of sustainable, fully recyclable material
    klant aan het woord

    'AEC Systems weet wat belangrijk is in onze sector en is op de hoogte van alle ontwikkelingen rondom geuremissiebeleid. Met hun expertise en ervaring hebben wij de geuremissie op ons bedrijf beheersbaar kunnen maken.'

    'Goed onderhoud en service waren bij de keuze voor het luchtbehandelingssysteem van onze bedrijfsuitbreiding erg belangrijk. Vier keer per jaar controleert een servicemonteur van AEC Systems de complete installatie, zodat wij het gehele jaar door een optimaal werkend systeem hebben.'

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