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    Meat processor chooses combination of AEC products

    Product: Cold Plasma Injector, Wet scrubber, Biofilter  Specialty: Slaughterhouses

    different air flows with varying odour loads 

    Client request

    At one of the largest poultry slaughter and meat processing companies in Europe, poultry is processed into various chicken products and ready-made meals. During the various production processes at a number of places at this location, different air flows with varying odour loads are released. The odour components in the air flow must be reduced to a level of up to 500 OUE / m3.

    The factory is located on the outskirts of a big city. The odour emission is very annoying for the environment and has led to a considerable flow of complaints. What is the best technique for cleaning the air?



    Based on the above question, a multi-stage wet scrubber with an after-filter biofilter for the entire air flow was chosen and, in addition, a multi-stage wet scrubber with an active carbon filter with impregnated active carbon on the small partial flow with extremely high odour load. With this combination the client could comply with the required emission standards. The extremely high odour load of the partial flow has led to unexpected high operating costs of the activated carbon filter and controllability of the temperature in the activated carbon filter. This carbon filter had already been installed several years ago.

    AEC Systems was asked to look for an alternative for the activated carbon. We did several tests with ozone. This has led to an additional water-scrubbing stage with an organic absorption liquid followed by Cold Plasma technology. For the partial flow with extremely high odour load, this means that ultimately seven cleaning steps are completed before the process air is brought into the environment. The Cold Plasma Injector is installed as an end-of-pipe technique.

    The solution consists of:

    • two multi stage gas scrubbers
    • a scrubber with organic absorption liquid
    • a Cold Plasma Injector
    • biofilter sides
    • storage/dosing tanks for chemicals
    • air ducts
    • fans with frequency converters
    • complete automation (Siemens) of all components



    The water packages of the multi stage scrubber have an extra large surface area and offer a low air resistance at the filter during the cleaning of the air flow. The installation is compact and space-saving because the different units could be placed on top of each other. The installation has very high odor removal efficiency.

    A unique pump technology enables a continuous irrigation of the unit so that it keeps the complete system clean. The pump unit also lowers energy costs. The system, like all products of AEC Systems, is easily accessible and therefore maintenance friendly. These are all advantages why the composting plant chose AEC Systems.

    Air flow: 26.000 m3/h

    Air temperature: 30-50˚C

    client talk

    ‘All software was pre-tested in-house which ensured a smooth and quick installation and commissioning. We were not faced with unforeseen problems afterwards.’

    'Maintenance and service were decisive when choosing an air treatment system for our expansion. Four times a year the AEC service engineer checks and cleans the installation, so we have an optimally functioning system all year round.'

    ‘Building a biogas plant close to a residential area posed challenging issues. AEC Systems understood what we had to deal with and helped us minimize the emission. Now we can ensure clean air to the neighbouring residents.’

    ‘All software was pre-tested in-house which ensured a smooth and quick installation and commissioning. We were not faced with unforeseen problems afterwards.’

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