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    Scrubber with air ducts for biomethanisation project in France

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    In a biomethanization project in France, biogas is extracted from 20,000 tons of organic waste (fruit and vegetables) every year. This biogas is converted into electrical and thermal energy for households in the nearby area. In addition to biogas, 2,000 tonnes of solid and liquid bio-fertilizers are produced each year and these are sold to local farmers for use on land.
    The ammonia and odor released during the drying process cause nuisance and environmental impact. What is the most reliable technique for filtering the air and reducing odor nuisance in this project?

    Biomethanisatieproject maakt gebruik van AEC luchtwasser


    After extensive testing with our mobile air scrubber unit on site, our Multi Purpose Scrubber (MPS) emerged as the best solution for the biomethanization project. In this wet scrubber, the process air is efficiently cleaned in several scrubbing stages. Our wet scrubber filters the air from an evaporator for sludge digestate.

    During the realization of the project, the customer also asked us to design and deliver the air duct (from the ventilation openings to the scrubber). The ducts are, like our wet scrubbers, made of polypropylene sandwich panels.
    The advantages of this material are:
    - Corrosion-free
    - Light weight
    - Insulating and therefore little risk of condensation
    - Supplied in lenghts for shorter installation time.

    The complete project installed by AEC Systems consists of:

    • a ddouble-walled storage tank for outdoor installation with double-walled pipework
    • a multi-stage wet scrubber
    • air ducts (polypropylene sandwich panels)
    • a chimney
    • the complete automation (Siemens) of all components



    The process air is washed in three different stages. The scrubber packing has a large surface area and ensures low air resistance at the filter. As a result, the energy consumption of the fans is considerably lower.

    A unique pumping technology for the rinsing water ensures constant watering of the unit, so the entire system remains clean. The pump technology also reduces energy costs. In addition, the air ducts are made of corrosion-resistant material. The delivered system, like all other AEC products, is easily accessible for service and inspection and therefore maintenance friendly.

    All advantages why the customer opted for our system.

    Airflow: 2x 45,000 m3 / h

    WHY CHOOSE AEC Systems?

    As there are no moving parts used, AEC scrubbers are maintenance-friendly and easy accessible. With the right choice of materials, the system is also corrosion-free and can be used at various temperatures.

    AEC Systems has more than 25 years of experience in odour and emission solutions for composting plants. We understand the specific demands that composting faces and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

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