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    Nitrogen reduction with AEC scrubber

    Product: Scrubber         Branche: Slaughterhouse

    nitrogen approach at poultry slaughterhouse

    Client request

    A medium-sized poultry slaughterhouse and meat processing company needs to convert the existing scrubber into an acid scrubber. It is important to reduce nitrogen (ammonia) emissions. With the existing scrubber, intended for dust and odour reduction, the company can no longer meet the strict standards set by the Dutch government. What is required to comply with government regulations?

    bevochtiging wasserpakket natwasser humidifying scrubbing packaging befeuchtigung


    The wet scrubber has been converted to an acid scrubber with fuly automatic control. The configuration of the single-stage scrubber has been extended to acid dosing. Nitrogen is washed out of the air cand converted into a liquid fertilizer that can be reused in arable farming and horticulture. This significantly reduces nitrogen emissions (ammonia) by approximately 95%.

    The control system has been adapted in such way that it meets all government requirements, such as logging data and providing remote support with service and advice.

    The work was completed in 3 days. The business activities could continue as usual during the work of the AEC technicians. The desired emission standards are met with this combination.

    With this adjustment, the nitrogen emissions of the poultry slaughterhouse have been significantly reduced. Would you like to reduce the nitrogen emissions of your business process? Then contact us for a consultation.

    The adjustment consists of:

    • Adding chemicals/acid dosage
    • Control adjustment
    • Adjusting pumps and piping
    • Start-up and test the installation

    The advantages of our approach

    With this converted scrubber, the influence of nitrogen deposition - caused by the company in nature reserves including Natura 2000 - is reduced to almost zero.

    The newly installed operating system also directly meets the current government requirements for logging data. In addition, it is possible to access the system from your own PC network and via smartphone.

    The system is easily accessible for maintenance and service.

    All advantages why the client has chosen AEC Systems

    Airflow: 200.000 m3/h

    Temperature: environmental temperature

    Why choose AEC Systems?

    AEC Systems has more than 25 years of experience in odour and emission solutions for composting plants. We understand the specific demands that composting faces and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

    As there are no moving parts used, AEC scrubbers are maintenance-friendly and easy accessible. With the right choice of materials, the system is also corrosion-free and can be used at various temperatures.

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