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    standardised scrubbers for biogas plants

    Product: Scrubber Sector: Biogas

    AEC scrubber part of total solution

    Client request

    In the biogas branche, AEC scrubbers are used to reduce ammonia and odour emissions. These gases are released during the production of biogas and the drying of the digestate. They cause a lot of environmental nuisance.

    AEC Systems received an inquiry of a manufacturer of dryers if it was possible to develop a scrubber that fits well with their product range. This way they could offer their customers in the biogas branche a total solution.

    Luchtwasser geplaatst achter droger om lucht te reinigen
    Luchtwasser bij drooginstallatie


    For this specific client request, we designed a standard scrubbing unit to be installed behind the dryer. Polluted air enters the unit from one side and is being 'scrubbed' with sulphuric acid. Subsequently the cleaned air leaves the unit via a chimney.

    Once the standard scrubbers are built and tested at our factory, we arrange special transport abroad. As it is a standardised system, the installation, commissioning and training can be done by the manufacturer of dryers.

    The standard unit consists of:

    • een standard scrubber
    • a fan
    • a chimney
    • a chemical tank park
    • full control of all components



    Standard scrubbers. Let's summarize the advantages:

      • Testing and measurements on site are not necessary
      • Lower engineering costs in the design and development phase
      • Cost advantage with dimensionally stable materials
      • Faster construction and therefore shorter production time
      • Easy assembly and commissioning
      • Lower energy consumption
      • Clean system thanks to constant irrigation
      • Maintenance friendly

    These are all advantages why the builder of drying installations chose AEC Systems

    Client talk

    "All software was pre-tested in-house which ensured a smooth and quick installation and commissioning. We were not faced with unforeseen problems afterwards."

    "AEC Systems has more than 25 years of experience in odour and emission solutions for composting plants. They understand the specific demands in our branche and are constantly striving to adapt and improve."


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