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    Counter-flow scrubber for sludge treatment plant

    Product: Scrubber               Branche: Sludge treatment

    AEC scrubbers help achieve European environmental goals

    Client request

    A sludge processing company uses an innovative installation to process sludge waste from water boards and industrial sludge in a sustainable manner into reusable material. This company contributes to achieving the environmental goals set in Europe. Ammonia is released during the drying process.

    The concentration of the ammonia strongly depends on the quality and quantity of the sludge supplied. What is the most suitable technology to reduce the ammonia supply to the desired maximum emission threshold under the prevailing conditions (process air quantity, temperature and pressure), taking into account the space at the location?

    Tegenstroomwasser voor slibverwerking


    Since there is little floor space, a counter-flow scrubber was chosen instead of a cross-flow scrubber. In a counter-flow scrubber, the process air to be cleaned is transported through the filter package from bottom to top, while the wash water flows through the gasket from top to bottom under the influence of gravity.

    In addition to ammonia, also odour-bearing water-soluble substances are removed from the process air.

    AEC Systems BV designed, produced, installed and commissioned this exhaust gas cleaning system.

    The project consists of:

    a counter-flow scrubber
    a drain tank
    a dosing system for sulfuric acid

    The scrubbing system includes a master unit with recirculation tank and switch box. The master unit includes all necessary measuring and control equipment and a circulation pump for supplying washing liquid to the scrubbing stage and the drain tank. Sulfuric acid is supplied to the scrubber with the aid of a dosing pump. The dosing pump suction line can be manually placed in one of two adjacent IBC containers containing sulfuric acid.



    The counter-flow scrubber is tailor-made for installation in the available space of the process hall. The packing beds of the counter-flow scrubber have a large surface and ensure the lowest possible air resistance over the scrubber.

    The counter-flow scrubber fits in a container and can therefore be shipped worldwide.

    The delivered system is, like all other products from AEC Systems, easily accessible for service and inspection and therefore maintenance-friendly.

    These are all advantages why the client chose our system.

    Air volume: 12,000 m3/h

    Why choose AEC Systems?

    As there are no moving parts used, AEC scrubbers are maintenance-friendly and easy accessible. With the right choice of materials, the system is also corrosion-free and can be used at various temperatures.

    AEC Systems has more than 25 years of experience in odour and emission solutions for composting plants. We understand the specific demands that composting faces and are constantly striving to adapt and improve.

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