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    Scrubber for dutch tannery

    Product: Scrubber Sector: water

    Two stage scrubber combats odour nuisance

    Client request

    At a large tannery in the Netherlands, the storage of waste water fills up during the week. At the weekend, the silo's are pumped down to a water treatment plant. When the silo's are filled up, the unpleasant smell of H2S (hydrogen sulphide) is released. Since the tannery is close to the city center, a small amount of H2S is already a nuisance for the environment. What is the best technique to clean the air?



    A two-sage scrubber is the best solution for this customer. Besides H2S, the smell from silos also contains NH3 (ammonia). A two-stage scrubber can effectively neutralize both substances. In the first stage, water with H2SO4 (sulphuric acid) is added to the washing water to neutralize the ammonia and convert it into the almost odourless ammonium sulphate. This first stage is necessary because ammonia impedes access to other substances in the process air.

    After the removal of ammonia, the process air enters the second stage where caustic soda (NaOH) is added. At a pH above 7, the washing water is able to absorb the H2S, with a sufficient surface area (=residence time) in the scrubber, it is possible to efficiently wash out the strogly odorous substance with an efficiency of more than 95%.


    The scrubber in its entirety had to be placed in the process room via a roof hatch. In the engineering phase of this project the size was an extra point of attention.


    The system designed by AEC Systems consists of:

    • a two-stage scrubber
    • double-walled piping for chemicals
    • a unique pumping technique for constant watering of the unit
    • full automation (Siemens) of all parts

    The advantages of the AEC two-stage scrubber

    The process air is cleaned in two different steps. The scrubber packages of the 2-stage unit have a large surface and ensure low air resistance at the filter. This significantly reduces the energy consumption.

    A unique pump technique for the flushing water ensures that the unit is constantly irrigated, so that the entire system remains clean. The pump technology also reduces energy costs.

    The delivered system, like all AEC products, is easily accessible for service and inspection and is therefore maintenance-friendly.

    All advantages why the customer has chosen our system!

    Client talk

    "All software was pre-tested in-house which ensured a smooth and quick installation and commissioning. We were not faced with unforeseen problems afterwards."

    "AEC Systems has more than 25 years of experience in odour and emission solutions for composting plants. They understand the specific demands in our branche and are constantly striving to adapt and improve."


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