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    AEC advice in waste processing for sustainable tourism project

    Product: Scrubber Sector: waste processing

    Multi stage scrubber combats odour and ammonia

    Client request

    On the west coast of Saudi Arabia, a brand new tourism project is being built over a length of 500 km. It is one of the world's most ambitious regenerative tourism destinations. By combining luxury tourism, sustainability and the natural world, a new type of tourism will arise. The Red Sea project will include hotels, residential properties, leisure facilities and entertainment ventures.

    For the first phase of the project, AEC was asked give advice in the process of emission reduction around waste processing. The waste mainly comes from food (organic waste from hotels, restaurants and residential properties). Ammonia and odour are released during the process. What is the best technique to clean the air?


    AEC Systems has developed a Multi Stage Scrubber in which odour and particulate matters are removed from the air in vairous stages. Extra provisions have been made in the first stage to filter dust from the air. The complete  system has been built and tested at our product location in the Netherlands.

    When designing the scrubber the transport worldwide was taken into account. The scrubber was completely assembled and placed in a container for overseas transport.

    Due to the climate in Saudi Arabia, the scrubber and sulphuric acid tank were placed indoors. The sodium sulphate tank is situated outside.

    Dimensions scrubber: 2,5x2,5x8m

    Temperature: 60°C

    Air flow rate: 30.000 m3

    The picture below shows the loading into the container

    Transport wasser

    Advantages of the AEC Multi Stage Scrubber

    The process air is cleaned in two different steps. Additionally the scrubber packages of the 2-stage unit have a large surface and ensure low air resistance at the filter. This significantly reduces the energy consumption.

    A unique pump technique for the flushing water ensures that the unit is constantly irrigated, so that the entire system remains clean. The pump technology also reduces energy costs.

    The delivered system, like all AEC products, is easily accessible for service and inspection and is therefore maintenance-friendly.

    All advantages why the customer has chosen our system!


    Red Sea Global

    The Red Sea project is developed by Red Sea Global, one of the world's most visionary developers. With this sustainable tourism project they use innovative concepts and technologies to actively improve the well-being of people, communities and the environment. In addition to hotels, and residential buildings, the Red Sea project also includes an international airport, luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment and recreational facilities. Once completed (scheduled for 2030), this project will cover an area the size of Belgium.

    Client talk

    "All software was pre-tested in-house which ensured a smooth and quick installation and commissioning. We were not faced with unforeseen problems afterwards."

    "AEC Systems has more than 25 years of experience in odour and emission solutions for composting plants. They understand the specific demands in our branche and are constantly striving to adapt and improve."


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